Allard, Wilf        Airport background and history               
        Allen, Ralph..      RCAF, Timmins, Innotech
        Atrill. Bill..      Atavco, Innotech
        Auger, Jacques.     Aeroports de Montreal

        Batchelor, George.  Constellations, DEW
        Buchanan, Beth..    TCA, Air Canada. Great editor!
        Beauchamp, Joan     Aeroports de Montreal
        Baker, Bill....     Ferry Command. World-Wide
        Burgstaller, Fred.  World-Wide
        Burke, Tim..        Gazette/general info.

        Caban, Bill...      General Info. + Radio
        Caban, Paul..       Canadian Airlines
        Campbell, Con..     Helicopters      
        Cameron, Don        World-Wide, Air Canada
        Castonguay, Claude  HUT, World-Wide
        Chase. Catherine    Canadair, Bombardier - pics
        Christie, Carl      RAF Ferry Command
        Christie, Stu       TCA, Air Canada
        Cloutier, Sylvie    Aeroports de Montreal
        Croot, Don...       Bristol, Hudson General
        Colohan, Tom...     RAF Ferry Command, World-Wide, Timmins, Innotech
        Dashney, Don..      VE3RM Background
        D'Agostino, James   Printing and layout
        Derfell Aaron..     50th YUL Anniversary (Gazette)             
        Deveaux, Fred, Sr.  World-Wide
        Deveaux, Fred, Jr.  World-Wide, TCA, Air Canada
        Douglas, Don        RAF Ferry Command, BWIA
        Duff, Jim           Dorval airport background...CJAD
        Dube, Tim           Federal archivist and CAHS director
        Duffey, Gerry..     HUT, Timmins
        Dugan, Dave..       World-Wide, Cuba
        Elie, Alfonse       World-Wide, Miron Freres, Innotech
        Elliot, Floyd       World-Wide, NFB
        Ethell, Jeff        Warbirds, EAA

        Fiorini, Jules..    RAFFC, Aircraft Technicians
        Fitzsimmons, Jim    World-Wide, Dorval Air Transport
        Fournier, J.F.      DOT, World-Wide, MCA
        Fotheringham G.     World-Wide 
        Fry, Jack           RAF Ferry Command, RCAF

        Gauthier Collette   Dorval City Mayor's Assistant
        Gauzer Jean..       Pilot \Royal Air
        Godbout, Van        50th Anniversary
        Goulet, Pete...     DOT. Transport Canada
        Graham, Andy        Sec/Treas Ottawa Chapter CAHS
        Guerin, Marcel..    Chief Clerk, City of Dorval   
        Guimond, Mark.      Canadair, Bombardier
        Henley, Frank..     MCA, Nordair
        Haley, Mike...      TCA, Air Canada   
        Harding, Ian..      Shell Aero Centre, Provincial Aviation              
        Harvey, Bob..       RCAF                               
        Heinrich, Gwen      RAF Ferry Command
        Heinrich, Jeff      Ferry Command through his mother(!)
        Hotson Fred..       RAF Ferry Command
        Huston, Herb        RAF Ferry Command
        Hykle, Gord         TCA, Air Canada
        Jarrett, Art        RAF Ferry Command
        Jarvis, Tony        Lockheed Ventura man

        Kelly, Hugh         World-Wide, Cuba & Transatlantic charters
        Kelter, Russ...     World-Wide, Execaire
        Kennedy, Colm..     World-Wide, Constellations
        Kirkorian, Kirk     RAF Ferry Command
        Krumm Fred          Airport electrical systems
        LaGrave, Jerry      RAF Ferry Command
        Lamm Russ           World-Wide, Dewline 
        Lang. Louis..       RAF Ferry Command
        Laticer, Lionel     Charter + Dorval Aviation history
        Latour, Denis..     Dorval History         
        Lovell, Peter.      World-Wide, Cuba run
        Losito, Brian..     Air Canada, photographs
        Lowman, Paul..      RAF Ferry Command
        Malanay, Norm..     Mosquitos + general history, WCAM
        Mappin, Judy..      Double Hook - General Airport/Montreal history
        Martin, Bob..       Timmins, Innotech, Shell, Flight Service     
        Massey Gil...       ADM - Airport
        MacDowell, Thain... VE2NI & general history 
        MacLennan, Dave     World-Wide, Arctic
        McCormick, Christie General background in "Suburban"
        McDonald, Logie...  DOT, Transport Canada
        McFee, Oonah        Ferry Command
        McGrail, John ..    RAF Ferry Command, World-Wide
        McVicar, Bruce...   Nordair & Eicon                           
        McVicar-Cannon, Donna  Artistic input. Ferry Command, World-Wide
        McVicar, Gordon...  Dorval Airport Layout
        McVicar, Jim..      World-Wide, RCAF
        McVicar, Loretta.   "The Source"    
        Merrick Bob         Transport Canada 
        Milberry, Larry     RCAF, Canadian aviation history
        Mirehuse, George..  Flight Safety
        Morrison, Angus     AITA, general background
        Morrow, Bob..       Dorval Air Transport, Wheeler, DEW        
        Munson, C.N. 'Slim' Ferry Command. TCA. AC
        O'Connell, George   Background
        Ohlmann Doris       Editor, Canadian Flight- COPA

        Packer, Bob         General aviation and IOC            
        Pankhurst, Gerry    Dewline & Arctic. Foundation Co.
        Parrillo, Lisa      Layout & delivery, Tom Desmarais WhitePrint
        Payton, Russ..      Shell, Sky Service     
        Peck,Ian..          General history + Airport Fuel Systems
        Peppler, Bill       COPA, HUT, World-Wide
        Pare, Jerry...      Quebecair, Nordair
        Pickler, Ron        Canadair, Bombardier
        Reid, Bill..        DOT, T/C traffic control
        Richardson, Ross.   Canadair, Bombardier           
        Robillard, Larry    RCAF, World-Wide        
        Rompolo, Spitz      EAL + general history
        Rowberry, Ron..     HBC
        Robertson, Sid.     Timmins, Atlantic Aviation, Innotech, Execaire, 
        Rushbrook, Bob.     MCA, Nordair
        Russell, Dave       Layout @ Tom Desmarais Whiteprint

        Seagrim, Herb..     TCA, Air Canada
        Shannon, Clint      World-Wide, Arctic
        Sicotte, Isabelle   Aeroports de Montreal
        Simpson, Ray..      Dorval history
        Siple, Doug...      World-Wide, TCA, Air Canada
        Sky, Joe...         Air Canada, Dustban & deicing
        Smith, Mel..        RCAF, legal
        Smulders, Hank..    TCA, Air Canada
        Smythe Ross         TCA, Air Canada
        Simpson, Ray..      Warnock Hersey. Execaire.
        Staskow, Frank..    RAFFC, World-Wide, Timmins, Innotech, Sky Service
        Stewart, Scotty     TCA Air Canada 
        St. Pierre, Bob     DOT, Control tower, general history
        Sturrock, Brian     DOT. Control tower
        Teel, Don           Ferry Command, U.S.Steel
        Terry, Chris        CAHS background
        Teulon, Art         RAF Ferry Command
        Timmins, Bill       Shell hangar, "On Board"
        Timmins, John       HUT, Timmins Aviation    
        Teulon, Art...      RCAF, Ferry Command

        Vernon Jerry..      Ferry Command, Hampdens, WCAM
        Vincent, Carl       Historical data

        Walker, Bob         RCAF, World-Wide, Skeet
        Warren, Gail.       Dorval City Librarian=knowledge!
        Waugh, Al..         RCAF, World-Wide
        Weston John..       RCAF, Timmins, Innotech, Wabush Mining
        Whipps, Bill        Ferry Command, TCA
        Whittington, Hugh   Historical background
        Willsie, Harry      World-Wide, Skeet
        Wood, Laurie        Canada Post
        Wratholl, Derek     World-Wide, St.Jean
        Yeomans, Ellie      World-Wide, Dewline & great Arctic pilot
        Yeomans, Peter..    Mayor, City of Dorval
        Young, Roger        Freeport, Bahamas

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