At the end of World War Two, Don McVicar set up World Wide Aviation in Montreal and successfully entered the fiercely competitive business of ferrying both new and patched-up aircraft around the world, mostly for the newly emerging national airlines in Europe.

Then, while a spectator at the U.S. National Air Races in 1947, an idea was born. Surely a de Havilland Mosquito would have a chance? The author's entertaining and exciting account of how he sought, bought and entered a Mosquito for the Bendix race in 1948 is skilfully interwoven with the story of his ferrying business which reached 15 countries on 4 continents.

Mosquito Racer is in the same entertaining style and chronologically follows the authors previous books, Ferry Command, North Atlantic Cat and A Change of Wings.



Chapter 1
Dakotas by the Dozen

Chapter 2
Freeze-up and Break up

Chapter 3
The World-Wide Counselling Service

Chapter 4
Ferry Command Reborn

Chanter 5

Chapter 6
Props and Princesses

Chapter 7
Where's the Whisky?

Chapter 8
In Aviation There are Some Nice People . . .

Chapter 9
. . . But in Aviation There are Also Some Not So Nice People

Chapter 10
From Triumph to Tragedy

Chapter 11
The World is Small When You Fly a Beechcraft

Chapter 12
My Favourite Co-pilot

Chapter 13
Consolidated Vultee

Chapter 14
From California to Cleveland

Chapter 15
The National Air Races

Chapter 16
The Chicken Coop

Chapter 17
A Bonanza Sales Safari

Chapter 18
You Can't Win 'Em All

Chapter 19
Fox Zebra Charlie

Chapter 20
Mosquito Madness

Chapter 21

Chapter 22
Bendix Bound

Chapter 23
Bendix Rebound

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