PRESS RELEASE from Don McVicar, Ad Astra Books, July 28/96:
Planning begins to build an aviation museum hangar at Dorval Airport. The site is under discussion, but one possibility is near my (World-Wide Airways) old hangar, which is now called the Westwood Sports Complex.

The museum will mainly contain aircraft flown from the airport by the Royal Air Force Ferry Command during World War Two. The following types are copied from my certified flying log book.
-1- Lockheed 414 A-28 "Hudson"
-2- Lockheed-Vega B-34/PV-1 "Ventura"
-3 - Noordyne Norseman
-4- Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress"
-5- Consolidated B-24 "Liberator"
-6- Consolidated PBY5A "Catalina"
-7- Douglas A-20 "Boston"
-8- Douglas C-47 "Dakota"
-9- Douglas C-54 "Skymaster"
-10- Handley-Page Hampden
-11- North American B25 "Mitchell"
-12- deHavilland Mosquito
-13- Martin B-26 "Marauder"
-14- Martin A-30 "Baltimore"
-15- Avro Lancaster

The project will require close cooperation and assistance from the Canadian and Quebec governments, the City of Dorval and Aeroportes de Montreal, as well as aviation industry companies and private individuals.
Don McVicar says: "LET'S GO!!"
End of  Press Release

          For more information, phone 514-457-8130, or email

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