The RAF Ferry Command delivered over 10,000 bombers to all of the fighting fronts around the world during World War II. As Don McVicar said in late 1996 before he passed away: "I have written several books about my experiences in the elite service, which now falls under the classification of "Historic Aviation." However, a recent phone call from noted financier Kirk Kerkorian, who was a Captain in Ferry Command, revived many memories. As an instructor, I had checked him out in 1943 at Dorval airport, and he had finished the war with an excellent accident-free military career. We both agreed that our war service was the highlight of our lives, and wondered how many Ferry Command people are around today. This is an attempt by using the Internet to find out". 

Please contact Gordon McVicar at gmcvicar@atfull.com with survivor names and how they can be contacted.



I have recently updated this list (I promised my Dad that I would keep it going) and also formed a meeting place for Ferry Command personnel, family and friends to exchange messages. To join, you first have to sign up (free) with Yahoo. 

Here is the link to join:


Here are some useful links to the Dept. of Veterans Affairs (Canada) where there is some information on the recent government decisions (or lack of) regarding wartime compensation 



There is an upcoming Ferry Command reunion to be held in Gander, Newfoundland from October 20 - 22, 2000

If there are any volunteers out there willing to call some of the numbers below to see if  they have an email address please let me know.

Thanks to all, 

Gordon McVicar, Montreal, Qc


(514) 457-8130


Capt. Don Douglas                                                  Richmond, B.C.                                         604-277-5851

Capt. Herb Huston                                                  Long Island N.Y.                                      516-676-1794

Capt. Don Teel                                                         Palm Beach FL                                          407-585-1322

Capt. Paul L.Lowman                                              S.Miami                                                      305-661-0784

F/L (RCAF) Art Teulon                                           Ft. Lauderdale FL                                    305-941-9160

R/N   John .J. McGrail                                              Ottawa                                                       613-820-1125

Eng.  Jerry LaGrave                                                  Rawdon, QC                                             514-834-3888

R/O   Louis Lang                                                      Montreal                                                   514-739-5265

F/E   Tom Colohan                                                   Dorval                                                       514-636-8484

Nav (RCAF) A.J.Fry                                                Long Sault ON                                         613-932-9264

1/O   Fred Hotson                                                    Toronto, ON                                            416-278-7757

Cr/as Gwen Heinrich                                                Kirkland QC                                            514-456-5827

Capt. A.F.Jarrett                                                       Charleston, W.Va

F/E   Frank Staskow                                                 Pte. Claire QC                                          514-695-4304

R/N (RCAF) Bob Walker                                        Hudson Hgts QC                                    514-458-5700

R/O   W.R. Lohns                                                    British Columbia                                      604-467-9388

R/O   Gordon Stemson                                            Surrey  BC                                                604-574-1761

Capt. LLoyd Freckleton                                         Mission BC                                              604-820-5259

R/O   Jean Lalande                                                  Maple Ridge BC                                     604-467-9504

Capt. F/L (RCAF) Allan G. McCrae                     Etobicoke ONT                                       416-231-6442

Nav.  F/L (RCAF) E.E. (Ted) Biss                        Mississauga ONT                                  905-278-1713

F/L (RCAF) Edgar (Ed) Gordon Levy                 Cornwall,ONT                                         613-933-1023

MGEN Ret(RCAF) G.A.(Bud)Heck                     New Smyrna Beach,FL          



F/E John Affleck                                                    Saskatoon Sk,                                         306-653 1027   



F/O Jim Ross                                                                                                                                



Norman Lucas                                                      Vankleek Hill,ONT                                   613 678-3570        



Henry Flory                                                                                                                             910 295-5612      



Andre Duchesnay                                                 Montreal         



F/L R/N (R.C.A.F.) Art Manwaring                     Toronto                                                 416-425-6489         


Nav. Alex Reeve                                                     Langley, BC

Tony Westmacott                                                  Victoria, BC                                           250-592-5934
Don Clarkson                                                          Saltspring Island, BC                           250-653-4429

Glynn Jones                                                            Sydney, BC                                            250-656-0067

R/N Norm Grover                                                   Ottawa                                                     613-729-9328  


Please tell survivors as well as descendents of "Ferry Commanders" about this website where they can find stories of RAFFC achievements. This list will be amended as more names are received.

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